Scientific Reason of Sweating – November 17th, 2013

Summer arrives but sweat does not, well this totally not possible. However, there are many people who says there body doesn’t discharge minerals while some are really annoyed, they say their body sweats too much.

There are many types of skin, and the ratio of sweat production differs in every skin type and the reasons differ. High sweat production is known as “Hyperhydrosis” and low production is called as “Anhydrosis”. Both these states are abnormal.



High sweating rate can affect any part of the body. Large number of sweat glands is present at palms, feet, underarms and back. According to physcians, those who suffer from high sweating rate must have some problem behind it, for example, exhaustion, extra water level in body or any type of body labor. There are some glands on body, which becomes the reason of production of oil and sebum.

While secondary hyperhydrosis has medical reasons. For example, heart problems, undesired functionality of thyroid gland etc, and the symptoms can be felt by a bad smell, which comes after the growth of bacteria, prickly heat, cracking skin or softening of skin.

Prickly Heat

The pore which discharge sweat, are blocked sometimes by extra oil and does not provide way for minerals to move outside from the body, and becomes small pimples. They are found at the skin and irritate a lot. This problem is usually found in hot areas. Back and legs usually gets its victim.


Hidradenitits Suppurativa:

This occurs when something blocks the way of sweat. The extra amount of sweat is discharged by hair follicles. Apocrine are those sweat glands, which produce sweat in under arms and sides of lower back. Sweat increases the heat level, which is the ideal for the growth of bacteria. Smoking, polluted and readymade food also increases sweat.


It is a natural skin issue and is a situation in which body cannot produce sweat. It is found in very few people and it is mostly inherited. Its treatments are possible for some time. Either after the treatments of psychological problems or because of dehydration, which lessen the natural production of sweat, cause it. Sweat discharges extra amount of water and minerals. But this problem becomes the cause of heart strokes and can lead to death as well. In this situation, body cannot discharge calories, which rise the body temperature that is why, these people get annoyed because of hot environment.

Note These Instructions;

* Patients, suffering from Anhydrosis should keep their body temperature, normal.
* Stay in cool place as much as they can. For example, air-conditioned place, open and airy environment etc.
* Take bath 2 to 3 times a day.
* Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day.
* Try to avoid taking caffeine and drinks which contains extra amount of sugar.
* Physical activities, like sleeping and waking up must be done according to a balanced and good routine.
* Hyperhydrosis can be treated by the use of medicines.
* Secondary hyperhydrosis, which is caused by physical unfitness or exhaustion, can also be cured by the use of special type of medicines.
* A good amount of Steroids can make skin dry and cool to lessen the problem.
* Medicines of antibiotics, steroids etc are suggested for Hidradenitit. If you also suffer from these two problems, then do not stay quiet. You should go for a medical checkup. Learn about your diseases and problems to get them under your control. In addition, live a happy and confident life.

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